Epoxy Injection & Epoxy Asphalt

Founded in 1993, ChemCo Systems manufactures a diverse selection of polymer systems for use in construction applications. Our products are designed to install, protect or repair architectural and structural concrete, steel, wood as well as both carbon and glass fiber composite systems.

Kemko® epoxy crack injection products are specifically designed for machine application using our specially engineered Model B injection pump. All resins are 2:1 ratios, 100% solids and contain no solvents or fillers. We make the industry’s widest selection of epoxy crack injection resins and surface seals with specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, high structure temperatures, chemical and radiation resistance, large voids, narrow cracks, plate bonding, wooden beams, and structures subject to vibration during cure. For cracks where the backside cannot be sealed, we offer a special slump pumping (very fast-set) resin or alternative non-slumping structural paste adhesive.

Epoxy Asphalt Concrete is a polymer concrete with a 50 year history as an extremely durable bridge deck pavement. Since 1967 over 450 million pounds (225,000 tons) have been installed on bridge decks totaling over 120 million square feet. Installations have exhibited excellent performance, including the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge where 280,000 vehicles travel each day. The 3/4 inch (19 mm) overlay surface withstood more than 39 years of extremely heavy use (over 3 billon vehicles) before the East Span of the bridge was replaced.

With the rapid expansion of bridge building, our Epoxy Asphalt products for long span bridges has seen significant growth in the 2000’s. This ultra-high performance pavement is in a phase 3 evaluation by the International Transport Forum of OECD in a multi-country research program seeking long life pavements for strategic roads.

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