Solutions for Adding Structural Capacity

There are many reasons for adding structural capacity to an existing bearing structure. These include change of use (increased service loading), additional dead weight, design or construction errors, codes revision, loss of capacity due to deterioration at less durable structures, damages caused by service overloading, accidental loadings (fire, impacts, etc.) or other works performed at the structure. ENKA can assist in the development and implementation of the best fitted technology solution customized on the specific project requirements.

Specialty Contracting Expertise

With fifteen years of experience, ENKA directors are well recognized in the market for integrating and implementing advanced structural technologies for strengthening existing structures. They have been involved in the first FRP applications in Europe since the 1990’s. Mr Karantzikis is a co-founder and has served as the CEO of Fyfe Europe SA for 10 years, doing research and developing FRP systems, products and solutions for projects all around Europe and the Middle East. Mr Karantzikis holds a patent for Reinforced Mortar Composite Systems and is considered an FRP technology pioneer. Mr Konstas has served as structural engineer and CEO of exelKAT SA for 10 years. exelKAT lead the structural strengthening industry in Greece and Cyprus after 2000.

In ENKA we develop best fitted solutions combining advanced technologies with our crew skill and experience. Solutions include:

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) & Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) Composite Systems
  • Section enlargement and jacketing
  • Externally bonded/connected steel systems
  • Epoxy injections
  • Post-tensioning systems

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

ENKA project management carefully preplans every project and addresses all areas of concern including safety, constructability, disruption with ongoing operations, budgeting and scheduling.

ENKA field personnel can complete projects under tight schedules and adjust on rapid project and environmental conditions alterations.

Proven Technology Solutions for Strengthening

ENKA specializes in engineered and proven technology for strengthening. ENKA offers custom made, engineered solutions using advanced technologies per project case. Every strengthening project is different. Each existing structure has its own black box and reasons for strengthening. We face each strengthening project as a challenge to extend the useful life of the structure beyond its initial service life designed for. Extending the structures service life is an eco-friendly policy that leads to great reduction in carbon footprint compared to replacement with new structures.