Solutions for Concrete Repair

Concrete repair works require a contractor with extensive repair experience, repair materials knowledge, state-of-the-art methods awareness and proven quality control programs. The skills, knowledge and experience required to repair a damaged or deteriorated structure are very different from those required to build new structures.

Specialty Contracting Expertise

With fifteen years of experience, ENKA directors have gained recognition as industry’s experts dedicated to the repair of concrete infrastructure.

Along with technical guidelines and quality standards established in ENKA, with years of experience and training programs for skilled foremen and technicians, ENKA can provide long-term durable solutions for concrete infrastructure problems.

ENKA provides the following specialty concrete repair services:

  • Sandblasting & High pressure water jet
  • Cracks sealing with pressure injections
  • Section rehabilitation & reprofilling
  • Lost bearing capacity recovery
  • Corrosion mitigation & protection
  • Protective coatings & membranes

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

ENKA project management carefully preplans every project and addresses all areas of concern including safety, constructability, disruption with ongoing operations, budgeting and scheduling.

ENKA field personnel can complete projects under tight schedules and adjust on rapid project and environmental conditions alterations.

Proven Technology Solutions for Concrete Repair

ENKA specializes in engineered and proven technology concrete repair and restoration solutions. ENKA offers custom made, engineered solutions using advanced technologies per project case. We face the concrete problems at the roots caused and offer long-term durable solutions.