Solutions for Non-Vibrating Concrete Removal

The non-vibrating concrete removal is the most advanced technique in its field. Compared to the conventional techniques that use vibrating tools and machines (such as jackhammers), it has an advantage in terms of speed and accuracy, it produces smooth final surfaces, creates no dust, and mainly causes no damage (microcracks) to the remaining elements at the edges of cutting. It is applied for the creation of interior and exterior openings and for the removal of any kinds of elements in cases of both structural and architectural interventions. Special equipment and expertise are required for non-vibrating concrete removal works.

Specialty Contracting Expertise

ENKA has many years of experience in this field, having completed plenty of projects around the whole country. ENKA is in the position of performing any non-vibrating concrete removal work by combining experience, both in terms of engineers and technicians, and advanced equipment.

ENKA provides solutions concerning non-vibrating concrete removal by applying technologies such as:

  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete sawing
  • Concrete coring

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

ENKA project management carefully preplans every project and addresses all areas of concern including safety, constructability, disruption with ongoing operations, budgeting and scheduling.
ENKA field personnel can complete projects under tight schedules and adjust on rapid project and environmental conditions alterations.

Proven Technology Solutions for Non-Vibrating Concrete Removal

ENKA specializes in engineered and proven technology solutions in the field of non-vibrating removal of reinforced and unreinforced concrete. ENKA offers custom made, engineered solutions for the non-vibrating removal of any kind of element, in each case choosing the best fitting equipment. Special caution is given while executing non-vibrating concrete removal works, in order to avoid damaging the bearing structure and the non-structural elements, or causing any losses to the building contents.