Solutions for Seismic Protection

First seismic codes were implemented in the design of the civil engineer structures after 1950. Since then the seismic structural engineering science has been profoundly evolved. Moreover the seismic hazard levels have been increased in many zones. As a result, during the last decades, the seismic codes have been repeatedly revised.

Existing older structures either have been designed and constructed without any seismic provision or do not meet the current seismic standards. This does not mean that all existing structures are dangerous.

There are some prioritization criteria related to the bearing structure characteristics and to the kind of use of the structure that can point out which buildings or infrastructure need seismic assessment and upgrade. Such structures are for example the hospitals and the fire brigade stations that need to be fully operational after an earthquake, or the schools and other buildings where many people are gathering, or the critical lifelines (i.e. bridges) or seismically vulnerable buildings (i.e. pilotis, short columns, complex geometry).

ENKA engineers have the required competence and experience to form and coordinate an engineering team in order to form and propose the best suitable techniques for the seismic upgrade of a structure. The main criteria are minimum disturbance of the occupants, shortest time, lowest cost, constructability, architectural aspects and low environmental impact. A team of experts efficiently coordinated can give the best solutions in such demanding problems.

Specialty Contracting Expertise

ENKA experts can bring in state-of-the-art antiseismic technologies and implement demanding construction methods with rigorous quality control programs for the seismic upgrade and protection of structures.

ENKA solutions include traditional and new methods such as:

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) & Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) Composite Systems
  • Section enlargement and jacketing
  • Externally bonded/connected steel systems
  • Addition of shear elements (i.e. shear walls, steel trusses, Parsant method)

as well as advanced antiseismic technologies for seismic protection of existing structures such as:

  • Seismic isolation (Friction Pendulum Bearings, Lead Rubber Bearings, Dampers)
  • Supplemental damping (Viscous Fluid Dampers, Friction Dampers, Viscous Wall Systems, Cable Brace Systems, Steel Tower Systems)

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

ENKA project management carefully preplans every project and addresses all areas of concern including safety, constructability, disruption with ongoing operations, budgeting and scheduling.

ENKA field personnel can complete projects under tight schedules and adjust on rapid project and environmental conditions alterations.

Proven Technology Solutions for Seismic Upgrade & Protection

ENKA specializes in engineered and proven technology for seismic upgrade and protection of existing structures. The successful implementation of advanced antiseismic technologies often requires custom made solutions following project requirements and limitations. The right choice and combination of methods and technologies will lead to limited interventions to the bearing structure resulting in minimum disturbance of the occupants and the structure usage.

Seismic upgrade and protection is maybe the most challenging field of structural engineering. Only proven technologies designed by expert structural engineers and installed by skilled crew can deliver a guaranteed quality high performance solution.