Project description

Location: Hydra Island
Year: 2015

A well-known twice Oscar winner cinema and theater producer loved the island of Hydra by first sight and decided to purchase and fully reconstruct an old mansion in order to use it as his summer residence on the island.

Tasks description

The mansion consists of two buildings and built approximately a century ago. It has a marvelous view on Hydra port and sea. During the last decades it was abandoned and the deterioration through time was very obvious. The new owner decided to fully rehabilitate and strengthen the stone masonry walls of the two buildings so as to extend their service life for many more decades though aging and future earthquakes. The stone masonry walls were not covered at the exterior by any plaster, so the rehabilitation scheme was not allowed to include interventions that could alter the facades of the buildings. The order of the works that took place was as follows: local repairs and rehabilitation of the stone masonry walls, grouting hoses installation and rigorous pointing of the whole surface of the walls, strengthening of the stone masonry walls with an internal perimeter foundation and shotcrete jacketing and by injecting cement grout (of a proper three component cement grout composition) through the whole walls volume and with the construction of a new perimeter reinforced concrete beam at the crest of the walls on which the new wooden roof was based.