Project description

Location: “Bagcedes” in Chora of Andros Island
Year: 2015

Traditional residence located in Chora of Andros Island, built at the beginning of the 20th century. For many years the residence was not being used. The owners decided to fully reconstruct and strengthen the building so as to be functional for several more decades.

Tasks description

The bearing stone masonry walls of the building were fully strengthened. The plaster was removed; the loose parts of the stone masonry walls were reconstructed and repaired by replacing the stones; the cracks were repaired and walls surfaces were repointed where necessary. Subsequently, perimeter foundation was constructed and both sides of the stone walls were jacketed with shotcrete at their full height. In order to strengthen the crest of the walls a reinforced concrete perimeter beam was constructed and was followed by the construction of the concrete roof slab.